CE BSR is an example of a female iniatiated and led foundation in Latvia based in Riga and Daugavpils. However, our members are also men which greatly support our activities. The CE BSR was established in 2010 by PhD students working on the business cluster research in different areas with an idea to get together cluster experts and practitioners of the Baltic Sea Region. The objective of the CE BSR is to promote the development of competitive clusters, innovation and competitiveness of enterprises (SMEs), as well as capacity of experts through education, research and entrepreneurship. Our special focus is on the promotion of women entrepreneurship through our networks and clusters.

Since its establishment the CE BSR has actively participated in various regional, national and international level projects, working on strategies for cluster organizations, as well as organized exchanges through the Nordic-Baltic mobility programme and the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Among our projects were LdV project “Transfer of Best-Practice & Innovation in CAD for Logistics Stakeholders (LogiCAD)”, ESF project "QuAT– Qualification for good jobs in micro and small tourism enterprises" and others. Experts of the CE BSR are working as experts for different European Commission projects involving policies for supporting SMEs, internationalization and second chance for SMEs, EU regional policy and cohesion funds, etc.

Members of the CE BSR are PhD graduates or candidates are also working for different Universities and research intitutions all over Latvia. The Chairperson Dr. Vera Boroņenko is located in the most distant area of Latvia – Daugavpils where she is involved with the Daugavpils University. Two other board members are related to Liepaja University (Mr. Uldis Eglitis) in the Western part of Latvia and Riga Technical University (Mr. Gints Turlajs) in the capital of Latvia. The CE BSR Financial Manager Ms. Ilva Rudusa is related to the Latvian University of Agriculture located on the lower part of Latvia. And project Expert Ms. Zane Zeibote is working for the University of Latvia located in the capital city of Riga.

Our capacity and networks help us to work on projects in different areas, as well as implement training and disseminate information on a national and regional levels.


Photo1Researcher - Dr. Vera Komarova (ex-Boronenko) is the Chairperson of the CEBSR actively participating in cluster related activities and promotion of entrepreneurship, especially focusing on the role of woman business. She is also Researcher in the field of regional economics and lectures at the Daugavpils University of Latvia. Vera has a world-wide research experience on economic clusters and territorial development. She works in English-, Russian- and Latvian-language scientific space.

Project Manager - Mr. Janis Balodis holds the Master degree in Economics from the University of Latvia. He worked for the Prime Minster of Latvia (1989-1991) as the Advisor on Economic Affairs and was the President of the Latvian Exportcerdit JSC (2003-2006). Since 1992 he works as an entrepreneur and freelancer. Janis has experience in real estate development, project management and consultancy related to business development. Being the only men in the EFEB project team of CE BSR, Janis view on the role of women in business has a particular importance giving us an opportunity to have an opinion from the aspect of man’s ruled business world.

Photo2Expert - Ms. Zane Zeibote is in her post-doctoral stage at the School of Business and Finance of Latvia. She holds the M.A. degree in the Economic Policy Management from the McGill University (Canada) and the Master degree in Economics of the University of Latvia. Zane is the founder of the NGO "Cluster Experts Baltic Sea Region" and works as an expert there. During her carrier she has worked for the Goverment of Latvia, consultant at the OECD, Project Manager for various EU funded projects and lecturer at the University of Latvia. Main areas of expertise: project management and development, SMEs and cluster policies, including women entrepreneurship, macroeconomics' and European integration issues, economic diplomacy, EU regional policy.

Photo3Financial Manager - Ms. Ilva Rudusa is doing her PhD at the Latvian University of Agriculture. Ilva holds the Master degree in Economics of the Latvia Univerity of Agriculture. She has previous work experience as lecturer at the Latvia University of Agriculture and as accountant at the Ltd “TTO Goup”. Main areas of expertise: econometrics, mathematical statistiks and enterprise resource planning systems.