Georgian Association Women in Business (GAWB)

LogoThe Georgian Association” Women in Business”(GAWB) is a non-governmental organization that supports development of micro, small and medium businesses(MSMEs), involvement of women in entrepreneurship, provision of economic and legal education via consultations and trainings and assistance in employment and self-employment. Active since 1993, GAWB has 610 registered members and operates six regional offices in addition to its Tbilisi headquarters. The supreme body is the assembly, which is held annual general meeting. Association is governed the Board. The Board composed of 5 members. The Mission of The Georgian Association “Women in Business” (GAWB) consists to supports through strengthening of women's entrepreneurship and access to markets, advancing economic empowerment and rights, roles for wider gender mainstreaming in all segments of social life. We are taking part in the drafting of legislation, namely the Law on "Gender Equality" Labor and Cooperatives legislation , we were also involved in preparing the social- economic development of the strategy 2020, Implementation of gender equality policy in Georgia 2014-2016 action plan, Criminal Justice Reform Strategy 2015-2020 and presented recommendations to the relevant government agencies.


Photo1Ms. Nino Elizbarashvili, the founder and the President of the Georgian Association Women in Business. She is an Expert of Small and Medium Business and since 2010 the coordinator of the WG2 (Economic Integration) of the Eastern Partnership civil Society Platform of Georgia. Nino ElizbaraSvili has a 10-year experience in Business Incubation program. Currently, she headed and operates three business incubators: one in Tbilisi that was established in 1998, another in Mestia that was set up in 2007 and the Gori Business Incubator (BI), was established in October 2008. These business incubators offer business education and vocational trainings and consultations, and provide an initial place of operations for micro and small businesses. Nino Elizbarashvili is the author of more than 40 project , which was carried out with the help of various international organizations in support of women's entrepreneurship development inn 2000, the President of Georgia awarded her with the Award of Honour for supporting the small business development and in the 2010 TIAW World of Difference 100 Awards winners.