Institute for Work and Technology (IAT)

LogoThe Institute for Work and Technology, Westphalian University, Germany aims towards the objectives of technical progress and quality of life. The subjects of the institute's research, development, testing and diffusion are knowledge and innovation. In national and international cooperation IAT carries out basic research, analyses of current development trends, concepts to increase prosperity and quality of life, innovative learning methods like problem-based learning and networking by using new ICT and generating new ideas, to transfer them to further regions/partners. New and integrative solutions i.e. for entrepreneurship are carried out which combine the requirements of both the demand and supply side. IAT’s works and coordinates European networks and projects also with a strong focus on women activities.


Photo1Project Manager - Dr. Ileana Hamburg is the Head of Study Group Lifelong Learning at the Institute at Work and Technology. She studied mathematics and informatics at different international universities. Besides her research work, she attends diverse commissions and is evaluator for the European Commission.

Photo2Researcher/ Project Manager – Dr. Alexandra David studied communication science at the University Duisburg-Essen and Economic studies at the FernUniversität Hagen. Since January 2006 she is at the Institute for Work and Technology and since January 2007 she works for the IAT research department ‘Innovation, Space & Culture’, where her main topic is human capital, migration and education.