LogoAgricola is a not-profit organization formed in 2007 and registered in Reni, Ukraine. It includes three staff members, and several volunteers, with premises in Reni, Vilkovo and Odessa. Agricola supports sustainable development and livelihoods, protection of cultural heritage and nature conservation. Activities for women and youth in business environment as well as the development of tours for disabled people are also a big focus of the organization.

All projects Agricola is involved in are distinguished by an extensive communication with local communities, from informal meetings to interviews and training workshops, as well as conducting stakeholder analyses. As a result, Agricola possess hundreds of contacts from a broad range of sectors in our region (the Lower Danube area of southwest Odessa oblast) and therefore shows high grades of experience of consensus building and conflict resolution over issues such as designating nature reserves, sustainable use of natural resources and tourism regulation. Agricola’s ecotourism work and tour designs are used by Odessa Oblast and City Councils in their brochures and web sites to promote the region’s countryside and wildlife to visitors (including at ITB), and has led them to consider developing a green tourism strategy for the region.


Foto1Director - Alina Zhykhareva graduated from Odessa State Economic University with a Diploma in Economics. She has more than 18 years experience in accounting and financial management. In February 2016, Alina entered an environmental project on “Treatment and support of veteran trees in the parks of Odessa and Odessa region” to the Yves Rochér Fund which won the third prize.

Foto2Project Manager - Kateryna Neiko graduated from Odessa Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management and holds a Diploma in Management of Organizations. She has more than 5 years experience of coordinating and managing projects, include those funded by the EU Black Sea Operational Programme, EU Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013, Danube Competence Centre and Yves Rochér Foundation.