Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE)

LogoGreek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE), since its establishment in 1997, has an important role in the promotion of women in the business field. It is administrated by a 9-member council. Members of S.E.G.E. are women from all over Greece, active in the business area, either by owing an enterprise or by participating in one as board members or/and shareholder. Today, S.E.G.E. has more than 900 members across Greece. As a non-governmental and non-profit organization S.E.G.E. is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career. S.E.G.E. has as well played a vital role in eliminating gender discriminations in the financial sector by promoting female entrepreneurial activity. S.E.G.E. has also been a member of the Committee on Trade and Development of the World Trade Organization (WTO), of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (F.I.N.G.), of the Association of Organizations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) and many of its members participate as board members at Greek Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Furthermore, S.E.G.E. collaborates with the Greek Ministries, the Greek Social Services and several NGOs with the purpose of advancing the rights of women entrepreneurs. S.E.G.E. successfully has organised and its members have attended B2B Meetings in Turkey, Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., Romania, Albania, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaitzan and Georgia. Many of these projects were financed through European Programmes. In addition, S.E.G.E. has participated and brought successfully to an end several European Projects.


Photo1Project Manager - Athanasia Ioannidou has a degree in Greek Philology from University of Ioannina. She has a teaching experience over 5 years both in adult and in underage education. She is working with social organizations since 2014 and she had participated in numerous project and also in local and international seminars. Currently is working on the development of guideline on the e-learning entrepreneurship and more especially in the sector of female entrepreneurship. Project Manager for the project EFEB network (KA2 Erasmus +) and We GO! (Daphne). Experienced in mentoring of new entrepreneurs. Speaks fluently English and Italian.

Photo2Financial Manager - Elena Kopanarova is Head of the European Programs Cooperation Department. She has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Macedonia, Greece and has a Certificate of specialization in Accounting and Tax from the Economic and Technical Institute IVAN ILIEV, Bulgaria. She has worked on project proposal preparation and implementation of a significant number of European programmes. She has extensive experience in organizations’ networking and developing partnerships between European organizations. She often participates in meetings and conferences of European institutions and organizations.

Photo3Researcher - Apostolina Tsaltampasi is the CEO of OECON GROUP, position she holds since the company's establishment in 2003. She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Macedonia; as well she is certified by national and international bodies in consulting service fields, such as Investment Advice by the SEC and by the International organization CIPE on Associations' Organizational Management. Ms. Tsaltampasi has great experience and expertise as she has participated and led to success some of the most successful projects of OECON GROUP. She is also a highly experienced speaker and frequent collaborator in business and trade publications. She has written articles for various newspapers and magazines worldwide. She has as well given interviews on TV and radio broadcasts of national and Europe-wide range. Ms. Tsaltampasi was awarded in 2010 with the title of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador by the European Commission for her dynamic activity in the promotion of female entrepreneurship; she operates as the Coordinator for the National Ambassador Network. Furthermore was awarded in 2014 with the title of Women Motivator in Mediterranean. She also actively supports the Women's Entrepreneurship as Vice President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs Greece (S.E.G.E.) from 2008.